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London Marathon Training Diary – Weeks 5 + 6
February 03
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London Marathon Training Diary – Weeks 3 & 4
January 16
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Weeks 3 & 4 of London Marathon Training: Illness meant a small drop in mileage in week 3, with week 4 finishing on an 18 mile run.

What Trainers / Running Shoes Does Mo Farah Wear to Train and Race In?
September 19
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What running shoes / trainers does Mo Farah wear to run so fast? We take a look at the shoes he wears to train and race in...

London Marathon Training Diary Weeks 1+2
January 02
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The beginning of training for the London Marathon 2017, looking at training plans and the first couple of weeks of mileage.

10 Procrastination-Proof Ways of Running Better in 2017
December 29
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A look at ten different ways to improve your running, to get fitter, faster and run longer in the coming year

We Asked 60 Reddit Users Why They Run, Here’s What They Said…
September 09
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Review of the Brighton Marathon 2016
April 20
MarathonRace ReviewsRunning News

A review of the Brighton Marathon from start to finish on the way to a sub 3 hour time. Perfect weather and an elite start helped...

Pulls & Sprains: How to Self-Treat a Soft Tissue Injury
June 15

A look at the three main phases of recovery in any injury and how to recognise the symptoms and treat.

4 Strategies to Make Sure You Get the Nutrition You Need When Traveling for a Race
April 21

Race Nutrition: Food is an all important factor on race day, with your fuel directly affecting your performance...

3 Ways to Tell it’s Time to Take a Day Off
March 13

Three ways to tell that you need to take a day off. Your body needs rest as much as it needs training - to push it too far...