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Trying to Get Motivated After Achieving a Goal…
July 20
Half Marathon TrainingMotivationTraining Diary

After achieving a marathon goal, it can be hard to regain your running motivation. Here's how I'm dealing with that.

Marathon Training Diary – Week 7/18: 51 miles + Racing a HM
February 10
Half Marathon TrainingLatest NewsMarathon trainingMarathon Training PlansTraining Diary

Marathon training diary for the Brighton Marathon - Week 7. 51 miles this week, ending with a half marathon race.

We Asked 60 Reddit Users Why They Run, Here’s What They Said…
September 09
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Review of the Brighton Marathon 2016
April 20
MarathonRace ReviewsRunning News

A review of the Brighton Marathon from start to finish on the way to a sub 3 hour time. Perfect weather and an elite start helped...

Race Review: The Wimborne 20
March 09
Running News

Review of the inaugural Wimborne 20 race, an undulating (some might say hilly) 3 lap run through the Dorset countryside.

How to beat running boredom
January 12
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Race Review: Boscombe 10k 2015
November 27
Race ReviewsRunning News

Pulls & Sprains: How to Self-Treat a Soft Tissue Injury
June 15

A look at the three main phases of recovery in any injury and how to recognise the symptoms and treat.

4 Strategies to Make Sure You Get the Nutrition You Need When Traveling for a Race
April 21

Race Nutrition: Food is an all important factor on race day, with your fuel directly affecting your performance...

3 Ways to Tell it’s Time to Take a Day Off
March 13

Three ways to tell that you need to take a day off. Your body needs rest as much as it needs training - to push it too far...