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When running, it’s very important to keep hydrated. As I learned the hard way on Sunday – I ran 14 miles with no gels, food or drink and had a pretty terrible migraine the moment I stopped running. I also spent the next 2 days with dry lips, headaches and was constantly thirsty – a very real demonstration to me of the importance of keeping your fluids up.

It also helps to actually IMPROVE your performance:

Researchers at Loughborough University found that when runners drank a sports drink (5.5g carbohydrate/100ml), they improved their running time by 3.9 minutes over 42km compared with drinking water. (Runner’s World)

There are three types of drink:

1. Hypotonic – is more dilute than your body’s fluids and will be absorbed quickly.

2. Isotonic – The most well known – contains the same balance of sugars/electrolytes as your blood and is the best way to rehydrate during or after a run. Lucozade Sport is the most prominent brand that springs to mind!

3. Hypertonic – these drinks have more sugar than your blood’s natural level (e.g. Coke or lemonade) and so will be absorbed slowly. These are better to drink after a run.

How To Make Your Own Isotonic Drink

Isotonic drinks can be expensive. Particularly if you’re in training for a marathon, it costs a lot to use a new bottle of Lucozade Sport for every single training run, so here’s how to make your own up before you head out:

Mix together:
-50-70g sugar
-One litre of warm water
-Pinch of salt
-200ml of sugar free squash

Mix, cool and drink


Drink two: Fruity

-200ml ordinary fruit squash
-800ml water
-A pinch of salt

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