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Cold dark nights. My wife getting in from her running club, dripping wet, and me safe in the knowledge that I was off to a nice warm(ish) swimming pool! It’s probably bad for my running to opt for swimming over going for a run, but I figure a 45 minute swim must be better exercise than a 20 minute run… Surely?!

A lot of other people must have thought the same thing as the swimming pool was packed. Cue usual lane related panic. ‘Which lane should I go in?!’ Start to walk to the right- ‘LANE CLOSED’. Go to jump in the only open lane and it’s so packed I have to wait for a minute until there’s sufficient room for me to slot in!

Anyhow, once I had got my place in the queue/water I set off. Now I have some empathy for my son in his weekly swimming lessons! Legs kicking my hands ahead of me, hands slapping my feet behind me, waves and splashes from those people coming back down the other way. It was hard to get up any kind of pace or rhythm!

Not sure if it was something I said… but by my fourth length I looked up and the pool had cleared! Literally – from twenty people squeezed into one lane, to just me and one other lady.

Aaaand relax!

With an empty pool I was able to get into a nice consistent pace and concentrate on technique. I read this week that another tip for front crawl is to roll your body slightly as you pull through the water for improved hydrodynamics. A body tilted on its side glides easier through the water, with less resistance than being square shouldered. As I swam I was also concentrating on kicking from the hips not the knees, whilst keeping my ankles fairly loose. Then there’s the bilateral breathing; pull, pull, pull, breath (left), pull, pull, pull, breathe (right)… etc. so lots going through my mind as I swam!

Also this week: trying to choose a few triathlons to do next year, they’re all so darn expensive though!


Distance: 1600 metres
Time: 45 minutes

Rob Murray

Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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