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Thursday – Running

A very dark run last night! Lost my son’s headtorch that I usually borrow so just headed out into the dark. This was running at its most monotonous – up to the end of the street, back again, up another cul-de-sac, back again, down the long road and back again! I felt good though! “Woohoo!” I thought. “This training’s really paying off, I’m hardly out of breath at all!!” Until I looked at my watch halfway though and saw I was running 7:30m/miles which is the same as I ran an easy 10 mile training run on Sunday! Best to take it easy before a 10 mile race on Sunday anyway…

Friday – Swimming

Standard lunchtime swim session. 4x 25 metres warm up and then 40x 25m with a 4 length warm down. Feeling a lot stronger in the pool after four weeks of swimming 2-3 times a week and could not only keep up with the guys in the fast lane, but had to keep slowing down to avoid swimming over them!

Next Training

Nothing on Saturday and then the Wimborne 10 mile race on Sunday

Rob Murray

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