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Brighton Marathon Training Diary – Week 1 / 18

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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After saying for several years that I would never do a marathon, I finally took the plunge and entered the Brighton Marathon happening on April 17th. You can read more about why here.

In order to make sure I finish the marathon, I asked around for my fellow runners opinions on the best way to approach training and was pointed in the direction of Advanced Marathoning. A general rule of thumb seems to be that if you can run a half marathon in under 1:25 then you should be able to do a full marathon in under 3 hours. Well my half PB is 1:23 so I have stupidly set 2:59:59 as my PLAN A target. As this is my first marathon I may be looking at more 3:15 or 3:30 but at least if I do the training for sub 3 then I can stand on the start line feeling confident.

The schedules in Advanced Marathoning are divided by hours per week; 30-50, 50-70 and 70-110, with each having a 12 or 18 week option. I opted for the 18 week, 50-70 option and now have the fun task of trying to fit all of those miles into my already hectic week!

Marathon Training Starts Here!

Counting back 18 weeks from the Brighton Marathon conveniently meant that training began on Dec 21st – just as I began two weeks off work for Christmas. The AM book splits the 18 week schedule into different phases or ‘mesocycles’ with the first part being about building endurance.

So week 1 consisted of 53 miles comprising:

Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – 9 miles easy
Wednesday – 9.5 miles easy + hills
Thursday – 5 miles recovery
Friday – 7 miles (Christmas Day!)
Saturday – 1.5 mile warm up, 6.2 mile (10k) race in 38:28, 0.5 mile c/d = 8.2 miles
Sunday – 14.5 miles easy

Target for week 2 = 55 miles


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