Marathon Training Diary - Weeks 5 & 6: Paris and Illness
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Marathon Training Diary – Weeks 5 & 6: Paris and Illness

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

Rob is a self confessed running geek, obsessed with all things related to the sport, whether road, track or triathlon.
Rob Murray
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The fact that I haven’t been able to update this for a couple of weeks is probably testament to how much of my time is now being taken up by running! In Sept 2015 I was running around 30 miles per week with this now doubled to around 60 mpw! Very hard to fit it all in!

Week 5 – Paris

IMG_3399This week I had to go to Paris for work. Initially I thought this might put a limit on my weekly mileage however my boss is also marathon training so we managed to fit in at least as many miles as I would have done at home. This involved lots of running sight-seeing, going up and down the banks of the River Seine, around the Place de la Concord and up to the famous pyramid of the Louvre.

Monday – Day Off

Tuesday 11m – Late night 11 mile run along the Sandbanks peninsula. 3 mile w/u, 5 miles progressive to HM pace (6:20/mi), 3 mile c/d

Wednesday 6m– After 11 miles the night before, I then only managed to only get 2 hours sleep – something that always happens when I know I have to be up early! Got up at 4:45am and was in Paris by 9am. Went for a meeting and then managed to fit in a 6 mile run, exploring part of the Seine and Louvre. Got very excited at seeing the Eiffel Tower in the distance!

The Louvre

The Louvre

Thursday 11.6m – Woke up to the awful sound of my 6am alarm as I’d agreed to meet Emma in reception at 6:30. Man was it cold! Hat: check. Tights: check. Long sleeved top: check. Gloves: DOH!
We followed the Seine towards the Western edge of Paris and then headed south in search of a large park we’d seen on a map. However, we couldn’t find it and ended up jogging confusedly around a building site in the half-light of dawn, my phone having died from exposure to the cold. We eventually found the river again and gratefully followed it back to the hotel!

Notre Dame at 6:30am!

Notre Dame at 6:30am!

Friday 8m – With no running partner today, I forced myself out of bed and out in to the dark, pre-dawn Parisian streets alone. Sticking to what I vaguely knew, I headed back the the banks of the Seine and followed the same route as the previous day, running 7:30/mi. Saw the most amazing Parisian sunrise!

Sunrise in Paris

Sunrise in Paris

Saturday 5m – Having returned from Paris late on Friday night, I was able to do parkrun on Saturday morning. I’ve run over 60 parkruns so find it a good gauge of my fitness. Generally speaking, if I can run 5k in about 18 minutes then I know I’m on form. Well after a 1.5 mile warm up I managed to run a PB of 17:46, a bit naughty as this was meant to be my recovery day.

Sunday 12m – This was the day I broke. The plan was the run to my son’s football match and do 18 miles in the process. Well I didn’t feel great as I started and at 5 miles I tried to up the pace but my legs wouldn’t listen, it was like my gears and engine were broken. I managed to get to get to the footie match via the quickest possible route and could not have run a metre further!

Week 6

Monday – OFF ILL – Felt so ill with a fever so no running. I think a combination of not much sleep, early morning freezing running and a diet of baguette and steak frites all played their part in the onset of man-flu.

Tuesday – ILL

Wednesday – ILL

Thursday 3.1m – Wouldn’t normally have run but as marathon training did a very snotty 5k on the treadmill

Friday – ILL

Saturday – 4.6m – Ventured on to the treadmill again as was feeling a bit better.

Sunday 10.6 – This was the day of the Swanage 10k which was the first race of our club championship. I deliberated between doing a very easy 18m or doing the 10k with a few miles either side. I went for the 10k and hoped for the maximum 50 points even though I was still a bit ill. Ran 3 miles before the race, then ran the 10k in 38:49 and finished with a 1.5m warm down.

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