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Brighton Marathon Training: Week 9 – Speed sessions and more @ MP

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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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Last week was tough as I decided to get my legs moving faster by attending a Poole AC speed session on the Tuesday, followed by a faster paced run on Wed. This led to a sore Achille’s and so I gave myself an extra day off on the Saturday before doing my longest run so far – 21 miles! Listening to my body is my watchword for marathon training – I’ve seen too many people push themselves over the edge of training into injury… Mileage reduced┬áto 55 miles for the week rather than 65 but body still intact.

Week’s Marathon Training

Monday – REST DAY

Tuesday (12) – AM 6 miles easy, PM Track session. In the morning I ran an easy session before work at just under 8/mi. Then, after work, I went to the Poole A.C. track session and did a 2 mile warm up followed by 3x 400/400/800 + final 2x 400. I did this at around 80% effort as I know that after going all out at a speed session my legs barely function the next day. And I had 11 miles to run on Wed!

Wednesday (11) – This was the most cold I’ve ever felt whilst running, possibly in my life! It was torrential rain and about 2-3 degrees outside and took all of my will power to take off my warm outer layers and jump out of the car into the rain. After 1 mile warm up, I found a fairly flat road that was half a mile long and began running up and down it. This resulted in 9 miles at marathon pace (6:50/mi), followed by a warm down of 1 mile back to the car. Fingers so frozen that I couldn’t even press the blipper to unlock my car. Why? WHY AM I DOING THIS??! I asked myself.

Thursday (30 mins recovery) – Because I’d worked hard the previous two days and needed a nice slow run. Achille’s hurting though so took a Neurofen and did a stretching session.

Friday (8) – Up and out the door at the crack of dawn, beginning my run in the dark and finishing in the morning light. Took it slowly as legs aching and ankle hurting, the route was hilly and the weather windy!

Saturday – REST DAY. Too much on, watching my son play football and then going to watch Bournemouth v Everton in the FA Cup. Plus I had to ice my Achilles for a while which seemed to do the trick.

Sunday (21) – I was a little anxious about this run as I’d never run the distance of 21 miles and had set a target of doing 12 miles of it at 6:50/mi marathon pace. I programmed in a 21 mile workout to my watch (Garmin Forerunner 235) consisting of:

3 mile warm up @ 8-8:20/mi
1 mile @ 7:20/mi
12 miles @ MP 6:50/mi
1 mile @ 7:20/mi
4 mile warm down

What actually happened was a 7:40ish warm up, then 7:10s and then between 6:40-6:50s for a good 7 miles, before turning around into a very strong headwind, just about managing 7:10-20 for 5 miles. The wind sapped so much energy that mile 16 was basically a recovery mile and then we edged progressively towards a final mile 21 in 7:15. Good session, horrible wind!

Author: Rob Murray

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