London Marathon Training Diary - Weeks 3 & 4
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London Marathon Training Diary – Weeks 3 & 4

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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On to weeks three and four of training for the London Marathon!

As a reminder, I’m following the 18 week Advanced Marathoning  schedule by Pfitzinger & Douglas (P&D), running between 55-70 miles per week. The P&D approach is comprised of three ‘mesocycles’ that ease you into high mileage training, insert a bit of speed endurance and then (ideally) ensure you peak at the end of the taper period.

The first of these mesocycles is concerned with introducing a consistently high number of miles to your training, with a few faster miles thrown in for good measure. When following this plan previously, I slowly built up my weekly mileage to 35, 40, 45 miles, so that by the time I hit the first week of the plan, 50 miles didn’t feel too hard or end in injury. This time however, due to one thing and another my mileage in the week prior to starting the plan didn’t even hit 20 miles. All of this is a very long-winded way of saying that in weeks 1,2 & 3 of my London Marathon training, I was knackered. Absolutely bloody shattered. Falling asleep at 8 in the evening and lying on the sofa in the middle of the afternoon! I did run two races in the second week of training which definitely didn’t help.

Wow, I thought, I’m never going to be able to keep this up for 18 weeks!

Trust in the plan… I told myself… trust in the plan.

And so by week four my body seems to have adjusted to the training load and I’m not feeling nearly so tired, even after a 57 mile week. A smidgeon of confidence seeps in… until I look at the schedule and see 18 miles with 10 at marathon pace next Sunday – argh! That’ll be hard, but it needs to be otherwise how will I improve?

So here I am, at the end of weeks 3&4, the day after an 18 mile run, feeling good TOUCH WOOD!

Training summary

Week 1 – dip in mileage as came down with a cough early on in the week that seemed to stick around.

Monday – DAY OFF
Tuesday – BONUS DAY OFF as feeling ill, should’ve been 11 miles.
Wednesday– Easy 11 miles made up of 3 miles before running club, 8 miles with club.
Thursday – 4 miles recovery run
Friday – 9 miles with 4 at half marathon pace. Ideally this pace is 6:20/mi but cough hanging around so 6:34-6:20.
Saturday – 5 mile recovery run
Sunday – Long run of 16 miles at average pace of 7:34/mi

TOTAL: 45.2

Week 2 – cough still there but not affecting running too much. Time limited this week as busy week.

Monday – DAY OFF
Tuesday – 9 miles @ average pace of 7:00/mi past the quay (featured image)
Wednesday – 12.5 miles. Didn’t get out running until 7:40  so planned 14m became 12.5 as it got too late!
Thursday – 4.5 recovery
Friday – 8 miles @ 6:58/mi average. Had 55 minutes to run before having to pick up my daughter, should’ve been 11
Saturday – 5 mile recovery while watching Netflix on treadmill
Sunday – Long run of 18 miles at 7:42 average pace

TOTAL: 57.1 

Crikey, it’s meant to be 63 miles next week!


Author: Rob Murray

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