London Marathon Training Diary - Weeks 5 + 6
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London Marathon Training Diary – Weeks 5 + 6

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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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London Marathon Training – Weeks 5 & 6

This was when the training effects of previous weeks began to take affect. Gone was the exhaustion that I had in weeks 2 & 3, lying on the couch trying to sleep in the middle of the afternoon!

Training began to get into more of a rhythm, although it’s hard to actually fit it in time-wise. Altho9ugh, just as my body began to adapt to the extra training – disaster! My trusty trainers gave me a nice set of matching blisters on each foot which had an effect on the mileage I could get done…

Weeks 5 & 6 looked like this:

Week 5

Tues – 9 miles with 5 of those at half marathon (HM) pace. Target HM pace being between 6:20-6:25
Wed – Got three blisters last night which I really felt on this run. Was meant to do 14 but only managed 11
Thurs – 5 mile recovery on treadmill (8:30/mi pace)
Fri – Medium Long Run (MLR) 12 Blisters covered over with plasters and 12 miles at aerobic pace
Sat – 5 mile treadmill recovery (watching House of Cards)
Sun – Long run of 18 miles. Was meant to be 10 at marathon pace (MP) but I chose to run along the seafront and the wind for the first 5 miles of the faster section made 6:30/mi tough. Managed to get it down again with the wind behind me, finishing on a 6:21/mi

Total: 60 miles

Week 6 (Recovery week so less mileage)

Mon – REST DAY (I am religious about rest days!)
Tues – 8 miles average 7:25/mi
Wed – MLR of 11.5 miles average pace 7:30/mi
Thurs – Easy 7 miles
Fri – Dropped son of at football and did a progressive 5 miles, finishing on a 6:25/mi
Sat – 5.5 miles. 2.3 mile warm up, Parkrun (5k) in 17:53, 0.2 mile run to car.
Sun – Long run of 15 miles. Absolutely tipped it down and was drenched. Never been so cold whilst running!

Total: 52 miles

Author: Rob Murray

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