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New training shoes – Asics GT 2000 v5 review

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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The Asics GT 2000 is a shoe that I have admired from afar for several years so I was excited to review the fifth iteration of this popular trainer. I’ve owned two pairs of Asics previously; the Gel Fuji trail shoes and the DS Racer racing flats – both have served their purpose well but neither could be described as the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. The Fuji trail shoes are grippy but have a large toe box. The DS Racers are light and fast but ‘slappy’.

They say you should never change your gear or habits close to a marathon, however with 500 miles in my old trainers (New Balance 880), grip gone and cushioning defunct, it was time for some new shoes.

With an open mind and having heard good things about the new range of running gear at John Lewis I had a browse, read some reviews and settled on the Asics GT 2000.

Asics GT 2000 v5 Review

The GT 2000 V5 is a stability shoe with a good degree of cushioning – the Asics proprietary Fluidride adds a good level of cushioning without too much softening or loss of power in foot take-off. Additionally, there’s a guidance line to help keep overpronators on track.

The upper feels stiff and slightly confined, although this seems to has lessened with each run I’ve made. As well as the seamless upper material, there is a plastic ‘exoskeleton’ for added support. This does make for a very secure, supported and stable shoe however its a little too much shoe for me. Then again, I’m most at home in a more minimal shoe.

It looks good and, at 11oz, is on the lighter side for a stability trainer. A 10mm drop is an average amount for this level of cushioning and again, feels a bit too much for my liking but this is down to personal choice.

Overall, the Asics GT2000 has given me a series of comfortable runs, free from the twinges and niggles that often present themselves towards the end of a marathon training plan.

The Asics GT 2000 v5 is currently £115 at John Lewis with free delivery in the UK

Author: Rob Murray

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