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Learning I was a Neutral Runner – Not an Over Pronator! »

When I started taking my running more seriously I noticed a twinge in my left ankle, so promptly went to the running shop to have my gait analysed in order to get the best shoes for my foot. They noted that I over-pronated on my left ankle…

If You Could Only Bottle That Feeling… »

It’s a cold winter’s day. The sky is so grey that it’s as dark as dusk and the rain slides from the heavens in vertical sheets. After parking, you’ve been sitting in the car for 5 minutes doing everything possible to delay the start of your run; checking the Garmin settings, separating the car key from the house keys, doing strange and awkward stretches that involve…

How To Make Your Own Isotonic Drink »

Isotonic drinks can be expensive. Particularly if you’re in training for a marathon, it costs a lot to use a new bottle of Lucozade Sport for every single training run, so here’s how to make your own up before you head out:

An Interesting Discovery! »

Last night’s run didn’t happen. By the time my wife returned from her 7 mile club run it was 9 o’clock, the rain was lashing down and to be quite honest, I could still feel a few twinges from Tuesday night’s track session. So I didn’t go our for a run. Quelle horreur! All that lost weekly mileage!

Instead, I took a piece of my own advice and did some core and leg muscle workouts. The Plank, Russian Twists, Press Ups and all manor of other exercises to strengthen up those muscles.

Running Workouts – 6 Core Training Exercises
16 Jan
Written by Rob Murray

Running Workouts – 6 Core Training Exercises »


Core training exercises for running including, crunches, planking, pikes and deadlifts.


The Runner’s Hunger »

This isn’t a figurative title, it’s actually a post about the increase in the need for food that comes with regular running! I Read more…