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Race Day: Are You a Planner or a ‘What Will Be, Will Be’ Type of Runner? »

There are two distinct cultures when it comes to preparing for a race. I hear it time and time again when speaking to Read more…

Running With a Smile On My Face! »

Now this is news! I usually don’t even see the cameras at the sides of races or if I do I’m too busy not collapsing to turn towards them! For some reason when I saw this one it made me laugh out loud as I was running – about 7k in to the 10k I did on Sunday.

Running Training – The Sunday Long Run
20 Jan
Written by Rob Murray

Running Training – The Sunday Long Run »

What a Sunday run! I accidentally ran the furthest I’ve ever run in my life… 14 miles. With the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon upcoming on February 2nd I knew I needed to get some long runs in. Man cannot run half marathons on Parkrun alone!

Training a Runner »

We only get one life and one body for the journey, so I thought why not push it and see just how fast a regular Joe can run. I’ve written my goals on the about page, more for myself to be able to refer back to them.

New Year, New Trainers, New Targets »

…horrible, horrible weather!

In all my 32 years I have never known such a prolonged period of wet and windy weather. When you Read more…